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Welcome to High Pole Guide Service at Lake Anna

Lake Anna's #1 Largemouth Bass Guide

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About Me

My Experience, My Passion

I have a deep passion for catching these green fish. Since my childhood I have had an unwavering curiosity and love for bass fishing. Asking myself questions like, Where do they go when...? What do they do when this happens...? When do they eat this or that...? What structure do they relate to at this time of year? After fishing the lake for 14 years, and pretty much living on the lake the last four years, I've found the answers to more than a few of these questions. Now, I want to share them with you and have fun doing it. We use the latest technology with LiveScope + to dial in the lake and bass behavior. I will interpret their behavior on the fly so you can get to catching and have an enjoyable learning experience on the water.

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"Our goal is to offer a premium bass fishing guide service on Lake Anna that is fun, informative, and innovative"

Owner, Tyler Heuple

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Lake Anna, Virginia, USA


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